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Vienna Young Pianists 2017

International Piano Festival


Jazz piano
Berthold Foeger


The prominent jazz pianist offers an individual approach to help the student discover a freedom at the keyboard. He has an outstanding ability to enthuse the young musicians.

Berthold Foeger was born in Upper Austria, where he began a classical piano training at an early age. He studied jazz piano at the Vienna Conservatory with Harald Gansberger. Numerous appearances with 'Half an Octet', Acoustic Jazz Trio' Berthold Foeger Trio', 'Flauto di Jazz' formed the basis of his career. The broad spectrum of his work encompasses both jazz ensemble and collaboration with cabaret artists and actors. He is also a successful author for the stage and has written for the Graumanntheater, the Kabarett Simpl and the Ensemble of the Kulisse Theatre. He is a founding member of the cabaret ensemble 'Heilbutt & Rosen'. Berthold Foeger has been teaching jazz piano at the Prayner Conservatory in Vienna since 2001, and at the Vienna Conservatory since 2003.

Voice and breathing for musicians
Annette Goeres


In her 25 years of professional experience, Annette Goeres has established a connection between bodywork and breath work, vocal pedagogy, artistic voice coaching and therapy for highly trained voices, and from it developed her own comprehensive methodology.

In addition to classical singing training more than 20 years ago, she also completed studies in logotherapy, voice therapy and vocal coaching. Various further training courses along with her professional career have also contributed to the extraordinary versatility of her methodology. She initially incorporated artistic voice coaching, Middendorf breath work and functional voice training that she learned with G. Rohmet among others. In the realm of bodywork, she completed courses in the Alexander Technique, the Feldenkrais Method and expressionist dance. Her work as a voice coach for stage and screen has been enriched in workshops and further training courses in acting methodology (with Susan Baston, among others) and improvisation theatre (with Keith Johnstone). Her methodology has been enhanced by psychological training in Arnold Mindell’s process work and further training courses with Lane Arye.

Annette Goeres is a lecturer at the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen and the University of the Arts Berlin, a guest lecturer at the Academy of Music Berlin and the Jazz Institute Berlin, and active in theatres, drama schools and various film productions. She also offers seminars on creative presentation. In addition to her wide range of workshops at institutions and private seminars in Europe and beyond, she also works as a freelancer in her own studio.


Course languages:

e: English, g: German